Diagnostic Accuracy of a Tiered Assessment for FASD (DATAforFASD)

This NHMRC funded project seeks to determine the accuracy of rapid assessments for FASD and whether using rapid assessments costs less for the healthcare system.

We are comparing rapid assessments (index tests) to comprehensive assessments (reference tests) to determine the accuracy of index tests in:

    1. – identifying impairment in each of 10 neurodevelopmental domains
    2. – diagnosing FASD

We are evaluating whether rapid assessments have lower direct healthcare costs and more indirect cost savings when:

    1. – using index rather than reference tests
    2. – delivering assessments in primary care rather than specialist clinics
Child Doing Maze

The outcome will establish whether we can deliver a valid and culturally-appropriate FASD screening and assessment protocol that is accurate and cost-effective. This would have wide-spread applicability across primary care, reducing wait times for families in need of help.

Project Team

Partner Organisations

Gold Coast University Hospital

Doug Shelton
Haydn Till
Francoise Butel

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

Ianthe Mills
Clare Thomas

Gidgee Healing

Jacinta Marshall
Sarah Horton

North West Hospital and Health Service

Smrdhi Sarachandran
Viliame Sotutu

University of Queensland

Natasha Reid

University of the Sunshine Coast

Andrew Woods


Chief Investigators

Dianne Shanley, Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, Karen Moritz, Sheena Reilly, Robert Ware, Joshua Byrnes, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Amanda Wheeler, Kerryann Walsh

Associate Investigators

Marjad Page, Karen West, Joan Marshall, Erinn Hawkins, Doug Shelton, Heidi Webster, Natasha Reid, Daniel Williamson, Andi Crawford

Funding Partners